Celebrity Breakups in the Limelight

Learn Secrets to Get Your Boyfriend Back

There have certainly been a number of celebrity splits over the past year or so. Some of them were very 'public', no doubt in a vain effort to boost publicity for some reason or another, others were intended to be kept on the 'down low' but word split out. In this post I want to share with you some of the most famous of the splits over the past year.

Firstly, Britney Spears. She has been the subject of some rather negative publicity over the past couple of years. However recently she seems to have gotten her life back on track somewhat. This was in part down to her manager 'Jason Trawick'. He had complete control of her life. The only problem is, he was her fiancé too. Sources indicate that the two of them are going to stick together as best friends, but their relationship is no longer. This is the perfect example of how you shouldn't mix business and your love life. Sadly I don't think that this is a relationship that will ever be rekindled, no matter how much the two of them want it. Perhaps the main reason behind that is because you can never be with someone that needs to make tough decisions about your life and of course who is going to play a major factor in your success. The best they can hope for is being friends.

Zac Efron is one of the only Disney Channel 'male' hearthrobs out there. For a while he enjoyed a relationship with his High School Musical co-star, but that relationship fizzled a short while ago. Recently he has tried to get back into the dating game, and one of the first people he picked up was Lily Collins. Match made in heaven? Not quite, this was a very short-lived relationship. The couple said that they split due to a 'lack of chemistry'. This goes to show that sometimes you should never try to get your ex back because you are not compatible with them. So if you do feel as though that spark isn't there, then say goodbye as it isn't going to work.

The final split I want to cover here is Denise Richards and Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi fame. Now in case you are not up to date with the celebrity world, Denise Richards used to be married to one Charlie Sheen. In case you haven't read the newspapers in the past couple of years, Charlie Sheen is known for his love of women. Sources said that Richie Sambora had to call off the relationship because she got a little bit too close to ex. This goes to show that sometimes you aren't going to get your relationship back when you harbour feelings for somebody else. If you truly want to give it a go, then you are going to need to kiss goodbye to your past and move on!

Of course, celebrity splits are happening almost everyday. What you need to remember is that you can really learn from these about what works and what doesn't work in a relationship. So do pay attention to celebrity gossip, it can teach you something!