How to Get Him Back Fast

Learn Secrets to Get Your Boyfriend Back

Now listen carefully,

If you truly want to learn how to get him back fast you need to understand there are at least three important steps you really must do first. If you follow the three steps including the one warning in this article you will be off to a very strong start to getting your man back. To help you avoid the wrong advice there is one thing you must be aware off which we will cover first.

Be aware of advice that promises to help you get your man back but is focused on getting a PARTNER (Either "He" or "She") or and ex back. This is important because the advice obviously is NOT specifically focused on a man. You could be about to take bad advice that might cause you to lose him forever if it’s not specifically targeted to a mans psychology.

The Biggest Problem Is,
If The Advice ISN'T Specifically
Focused On Getting A Man Back...
it’s possible to do more harm than good. That’s why that type of advice often fails.

Quite frankly I think we should focus on some good material so what I am about to share with you now might shock you a little but listen up because these pointers and advice are very good.

Pointer 1# – Contact :

This is the most important step to getting you started right. You really need to understand this one vital point because it’s the most important of them all, do not contact him. Don’t call, email or text message him for any reason. Let me explain why, he will be expecting you to make contact with him but because you won’t contact he will start to wonder why and start thinking about you. This is exactly what you want to happen.

When you don’t contact him his mind will start to imagine such things as who you are spending your time with and where you are. Since you have not made contact with him he will start to wonder if you are with another man which can make him jealous.

And guess what? A little jealousy is a healthy thing especially when you play it cool and not act rude or cranky with him. Think about this, because you have not made contact with him he is more than likely going to try and contact you first so make sure you stick to your plan.

Pointer 2# – Become Tempting:

“What?” you might ask, I don’t mean you should throw yourself at him. What I mean is you need to become very appealing to him by putting into practice the following:

He needs to see you as a sweet heart.
You need to become complimentary to him rather than his equal or friend.
You must be a sexual desire in his eyes
You have to be a mystery and challenge to him.
You need to know that because he fell for you once before he can quite easily fall for you again providing you stay on track and don’t give up.

Pointer 3# – He Made Contact First:

Here’s what to do if he contacted you first. Be happy and talk with a smile on your face for the reason that a smile will come across in your voice. Be sure to only say a very quick hello, and then tell him you are in a hurry to run out door. Tell him you will call him tomorrow but make sure you do not. Should he ask where you are going be sure to only tell him you’re heading out with friends.


OK Now Listen Closely Because Here’s An Important Point...

If he decides to send you a text message you need to make sure you take at least one full day before you respond. That means 24 hours! You must make sure your reply is short and to the point.

Here is what you will send back. "Hey John, I have just been a little busy lately but I will call you tomorrow at some point - be good" Even though you mentioned in your text message you will call him tomorrow you must not.


Learning more ways to get him back including the secrets to a mans mind will be an enormous advantage to you. When you learn most of these benefits you will have a much less challenge and it will become a lot more fun and make your experience exciting.

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