The Jealousy Issue

The Jealousy Issue "What Should You Do If He Plays Silly 'Jealousy' Games?" You've probably had this happen to you at some point... It's a common problem with many women having to fight for their man 'consistently' when he is simply being a ridiculous flirt and acting like a child. […] Continue Reading

Make Him Value You

Here's the thing; the more you show him you've moved on in your life, the more he is 'instinctively' (via his MALE characteristics) going to want you back! When he sees you are getting along in your life without him and without it being an issue in your life his […] Continue Reading

What Makes A Happy Relationship

"Ever Wondered... What Are The Most Important Points That Make A Happy & Loving Relationship?" Every relationship is made successful by 6 essential elements! They are: If your failed relationship was lacking any of these key ingredients, then the TRUTH is... your relationship was more than likely doomed from the […] Continue Reading

Warning Signs

"You Need To Stop Him BEFORE He Becomes 'Disinterested' In You..." Knowing when a break up is about to happen is not to difficult to predict! There are 'warning signs' in just about every relationship! Nipping things in the butt before they happen would be a VERY WISE move, but […] Continue Reading

Why He's Resisting You

"Have You Ever Wondered Why Is He Resisting You?" Let's get one thing straight here. If you are reading these tips and are saying things like "Oh no, that will never work," then you need to stop and listen right now! Firstly, in regards to your ex-man or boyfriend, if […] Continue Reading

When He's Already Dating Someone

"Ok So What Should You Do If He's Already Dating Someone?" What are you going to do if he is already dating someone else? I know that your 'natural instinct' is to PANIC and start WORRYNG, right? You actually should do the exact opposite because these quick relationships usually never […] Continue Reading

Why This Can Push Him Away

Codependency & Why It Can Be A Problem... One of the most common reasons people find themselves in a break up in the first place is because they were TOO DEPENDANT on the other person! If this is you, you may have come across too clingy, needy or emotionally over […] Continue Reading

How To Get Your Boyfriend Back

Learn The Right Way On How To Get Your Boyfriend Back Or Risk Losing Him Forever! If you are wondering whether or not it is even possible for you to get your boyfriend back, the answer is YES. It absolutely is possible. Sitting around and wondering, "Can I get him […] Continue Reading